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what is washi tape used for? 10 ways to for you to refer

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Washi tape is a popular decorative paper(tape) that familiar by crafter and people engaged in related industries, it can be used for many things decoration such as books, artwork, Advertising version,and some life decoration, etc. but for the rest of them might not know what is washi tape and what is it used for. For those whom you might heard of washi tape but don’t know what it used for and interested about it, here let me share some information to help you know more about washi tape and ways of its usage for you to refer.

What is washi tape

Washi tape is a decorative paper masking tape made out of very thin rice paper or natural fibers like hemp and bamboo, that make it very easy to tear with and convenient to use. same as the normal tape its thin and come as a roll. as a type of tape washi tape has low tack adhesive that make it can easily stick on many things like paper, plastic, metal and smooth wood, but not so hard to remove. That is one of the reason why it so popular in decoration.

Why washi tape is so popular

Why the world ‘washi tape’ , a world you don’t even know what it stand for will come across your eyes and get your interested? That’s because its really popular just like a head line you don’t have to find it, the heat will bring it to you. But why washi tape is so popular?

Here is the

1. Diversity: Washi tape has hundreds colors and patterns for you to choose, and if you order form a washi tape factory like Vlove which can provide custom service you can also custom your own type.

2. Creative: With washi tape you can make your work (journals, artworks, life decorate) more unique and beauty with you own creativity, with washi tape your work is full of infinite potential.

3. Easy to use: Like we mention above washi tape is very convenient to use, you can tear it with your bare hands, and you can reposition it easily, so even if you make a mistake it can easily to fix

4. Inexpensive: Washi tape is not some high cost consumables it’s a low cost material, if you can place a large order, order from a washi tape manufacturer like Vlove you can save more.

washi tape

10 Ways to decorate with washi tape

There are ways to decorate with washi tape, here let’s share 10 of it for you to refer and find your own way to use it.


Journal decorate is one of the most common and popular way to use washi tape. You can decorate it with different color themes or with your favorite pattern, you can also cut the washi tape for neat edges

2.Poster Frames

 If you can’t find a poster frame you like on the market, you can use washi tape decorate it yourself, or you don’t even need a frame, just tape the poster on the wall and use washi tape to make a visually appealing border around it.


 Just like some people decorate their laptop with sticker, washi tape can do the same thing, just picture it is a different type of sticker.


 If you can’t find a bookmarks please you, you can make one by you own with washi tape, find yourself a cad and decorate it with your imagination with washi tape.


 With so many different color and different pattern you can use washi tape to create as many image as you can it only limited by you own created, and put together the washi tape is just as well as a sticker.


 With washi tape a simply item like pencil can also be colorful, if you like the feeling to being unique washi tape is your best choice.

7.Home appliances

 You can also decorate your home appliance with washi tape, just don’t use it on something that will heat up like micro-wave oven. For example refrigerator is a pretty good item to decorate with washi tape.


 If you are a romantic and love hand writing, washi tape is a good choice to decorate your letter and envelopes.


 Color is one of the element of artwork, with hundreds color and pattern washi tape surely can be a good used for artwork.

10.Gift wrapping

It will be nice to adding a splash of colour to your gift wrapping, and instead of normal tape, washi tape is more easy to remove and more beautiful.

At last, hope this article can help you understand what washi tape used for, and help you find your own way to use it.

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