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The difference between washi tape and paper tape

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There are many types of tapes, including transparent tape, high temperature tape, static electricity tape, electrical tape, washi tape, paper tape ...... and so on. Among them, washi tape and paper tape is one of the more similar, which will easily lead to, not familiar with these two types of tape, people will be easy to buy the wrong tape, confused about the difference between the two.

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So what is the difference between washi tape and paper tape?

Washi tape:

Compared to the general tape, washi tape is made of washi paper as the base material, the surface is for paper, soft paper, this washi tape is usually not strong viscosity, so the advantage is easy to tear, and tear off will never have residual glue. Paper tape is commonly made in a variety of colors, so it is widely used in paper sticking, beautification, decoration, DIY and other uses.

Paper tape:

The paper tape is generally made of paper and pressure-sensitive glue as the main raw material. The paper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and the other side is coated with non-stick material and made into a roll of adhesive tape. This beauty tape has moderate adhesion, good adhesion to most smooth surfaces and masking, and plays a convenient, quick and beautiful role in the decoration of various high-grade places or homes.

The difference between the two types of tapes.

Washi tape:

Washi tape withstands the effects of banana water, dimethyl dum, tanner water, etc. Washi tape can prevent decoupling, decolorization, and soft base material paper. Its temperature resistance can reach 110°. Washi tape is available in a variety of colors, and its main substrate is washi paper. Moderate adhesion, good adhesion and masking to most smooth surfaces, bends or corners, good workability, quick tear off after use, no residual adhesive.

Paper tape:

The paper tape is generally used for masking protection in the spray paint, baking paint coating, leather, shoe making and electronic industries, etc. It is generally torn off after use. The base material of paper tape is paper and pressure-sensitive glue. It has high adhesive capacity and chemical solvent resistance. It plays a good role in positioning and packaging of various kinds, has good protection performance for the sticky objects, and has good covering and protection.

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