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washi tape

A list of these washi tape articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional washi tape, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • In addition to decorative handwriting, what are some other great creative uses for washi tape?


    I believe that many handwriting experts usually use washi tape in the following ways.1. Use paper tape to decorate your notebook to make a blank notebook look better and have a sense of life.2. Cut out the paper tape and use it as a small sticker, you can put it on various household items.In fact, t Read More

  • Washi tape can be bought like this


    The frequency of use of tape in the handbook is very high, for people who are new to washi tape, this is a washi tape dry goods, the main decorations of the handbook can be divided into three categories: stamps, stickers and tape, today to briefly talk about washi tape.Once in the tape deep like the Read More

  • What is the use of washi tape?


    Washi tape has the advantage that it is easy to tear and there is no residual adhesive after tearing off. Paper tape is commonly made in a variety of colors, so it is widely used for paper sticking, beautification, decoration and DIY purposes.Functional characteristics of washi tape.Features: Withst Read More

  • Is it better to divide the washi tape or the whole roll?


    I have been recommending that newcomers to the handbook as well as students to buy divided tape, but when you have been in the pit for a while, or have some economic base or collage experience, it is not recommended to buy divided.The principle is: if the tape quality is good, the cycle in more than Read More

  • Why do you like washi tape for handwriting?


    Compared to regular tape, washi tape is usually not very sticky, does not have residual glue after tearing off, has little roll force and is uniform, comes in a variety of colors, and is widely used for pasting paper, beautification, and layout purposes.In the handbook, paper tape is usually used fo Read More

  • DIY ideas for washi tape


    Having unique stationery at school shows off your style, and at the same time it is an is smart behavior. This is because when your stationery has a unique floral pattern or landscape pattern, it is difficult for other children to recognize the stationery wrongly. There is no need to buy unique off- Read More

  • What are the points for improvement in the washi tape industry?


    Washi tape material, most of the current washi tape manufacturers, are using Japanese washi paper. Japanese washi paper is divided into many subcategories, high permeability, thickening, out of the feel is different.Many washi tape manufacturers choose the washi paper material is not a big problem, Read More

  • Washi tape to innovate in order to develop


    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Read More

  • The difference between washi tape and paper tape


    There are many types of tapes, including transparent tape, high temperature tape, static electricity tape, electrical tape, washi tape, paper tape ...... and so on. Among them, washi tape and paper tape is one of the more similar, which will easily lead to, not familiar with these two types of tape, Read More

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