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washi tape manufacturer

These are related to the washi tape manufacturer news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in washi tape manufacturer and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand washi tape manufacturer market.
  • 10 items you can decorate with Washi Tape


    Try washi tape if you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your house and office space with design and vibrancy.You may have heard of washi tape at some point or seen several thousands of projects on Facebook. But those of you who are less familiar don't want to know what washi tap Read More

  • Common uses of washi tape


    Common uses of washi tapeDo you know these things? How do I use washi tape?Washi tape is commonly used to wrap gifts and as a sticker. And some handbook enthusiasts will also use washi tape to do the decoration of the handbook, it can also be used for our usual use of some pen holders and other smal Read More

  • In addition to decorative handwriting, what are some other great creative uses for washi tape?


    I believe that many handwriting experts usually use washi tape in the following ways.1. Use paper tape to decorate your notebook to make a blank notebook look better and have a sense of life.2. Cut out the paper tape and use it as a small sticker, you can put it on various household items.In fact, t Read More

  • Washi tape can be bought like this


    The frequency of use of tape in the handbook is very high, for people who are new to washi tape, this is a washi tape dry goods, the main decorations of the handbook can be divided into three categories: stamps, stickers and tape, today to briefly talk about washi tape.Once in the tape deep like the Read More

  • What is the use of washi tape?


    Washi tape has the advantage that it is easy to tear and there is no residual adhesive after tearing off. Paper tape is commonly made in a variety of colors, so it is widely used for paper sticking, beautification, decoration and DIY purposes.Functional characteristics of washi tape.Features: Withst Read More

  • Learn more about the structure of washi tape


    Learn more about the structure of washi tapeThe advantages of washi tape are as follows:1. Most washi tapes do not have backing paper, which is the characteristic of the tape itself.2. Without the bottom paper, it is more convenient for users to keep and carry, because it will not be easily scattere Read More

  • Can washi tape be recycled?


    Washi tape can be recycled because of its excellent thermal stability. Many waste scraps are generated during the production and use of washi tape, and the thermal decomposition temperature of washi tape is generally around 380°C before it becomes industrial solid waste. At present, landfills or inc Read More

  • Learn more about washi tape


    The advantages of bronzing without release paper are as follows:1. Most washi tapes do not have backing paper, which is also a feature of the tape itself.2. Without the bottom paper, it is more convenient for users to keep and carry, because it is not easy to be scattered and deformed when torn.3. S Read More

  • How to deal with the problem of washi tape warping?


    Washi tape is widely used in our daily life and in all walks of life, but there is a problem with washi tape. Its edges will warp after a long time, making its viscosity much weaker. Good quality washi tape will take a long time to warp, and poor quality washi tape may warp within a few hours. What Read More

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