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custom washi tape

These are related to the custom washi tape news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in custom washi tape and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand custom washi tape market.
  • 5 creative ways to use washi tape beyond your imagination


    We've recently added several washi tape designs to our craft projects to show you how easy it is to use the colorful and versatile tape.Personalize your stationeryWrap your notebooks for a fun and personalized addition to your stationery collection. Washi tape can also be used on pencil holders, sta Read More

  • Common uses of washi tape


    Common uses of washi tapeDo you know these things? How do I use washi tape?Washi tape is commonly used to wrap gifts and as a sticker. And some handbook enthusiasts will also use washi tape to do the decoration of the handbook, it can also be used for our usual use of some pen holders and other smal Read More

  • The best-selling washi tape of 2022


    Washi tape, a decorative, low-tack tape, is available in patterns and textures that replicate traditional Japanese washi paper, a handmade paper made from the bark of shrubs such as mulberry trees that is coated or printed with intricate designs.Normally we can use washi tape to wrap gifts, seal let Read More

  • Washi tape can be bought like this


    The frequency of use of tape in the handbook is very high, for people who are new to washi tape, this is a washi tape dry goods, the main decorations of the handbook can be divided into three categories: stamps, stickers and tape, today to briefly talk about washi tape.Once in the tape deep like the Read More

  • What are the points for improvement in the washi tape industry?


    Washi tape material, most of the current washi tape manufacturers, are using Japanese washi paper. Japanese washi paper is divided into many subcategories, high permeability, thickening, out of the feel is different.Many washi tape manufacturers choose the washi paper material is not a big problem, Read More

  • The difference between washi tape and paper tape


    There are many types of tapes, including transparent tape, high temperature tape, static electricity tape, electrical tape, washi tape, paper tape ...... and so on. Among them, washi tape and paper tape is one of the more similar, which will easily lead to, not familiar with these two types of tape, Read More

  • How the stickiness of washi tape works


    Washi tape is different from general tape mainly because it is tearable and different from sticky notes. Sticky stickers can be attached and taken out anytime and anywhere for better convenience. It is a unique adhesive created by 3M. It is not so sticky. Powerful.The washi tape can be peeled off im Read More

  • The origin and development of washi tape


    During the Tang Dynasty (7th century AD), after the ancient Chinese papermaking technique was introduced to Japan from Korea, the Japanese paper artisans, through continuous development and improvement, produced long-fiber, thin-textured paper using wild goose skin, sambar, or paper mulberry as raw Read More

  • what is washi tape used for? 10 ways to for you to refer


    Washi tape is a popular decorative paper(tape) that familiar by crafter and people engaged in related industries, it can be used for many things decoration such as books, artwork, Advertising version,and some life decoration, etc. but for the rest of them might not know what is washi tape and what i Read More

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