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cheap washi tape

The articles shown below are all about the cheap washi tape, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the cheap washi tape. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these cheap washi tape articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • What are some great everyday uses for washi tape?


    You've seen washi tapes on Facebook, Instagram, and craft blogs. They look so cute but are very useful.What is washi tape?Washi tape is Japanese tape that comes in various colors and patterns. Washi tape is made from Japanese paper, usually made by hand from raw materials such as mulberry, bamboo, a Read More

  • Why glue is important to the quality of high-temperature washi tape


    The quality of the glue of the washi tape will directly affect the use of the washi paper a situation, bad glue made of high temperature washi tape may be used.The quality of the glue will directly affect the use of the paper.Ordinary washi tape glue is generally used acrylic glue, this glue is also Read More

  • In addition to decorative handwriting, what are some other great creative uses for washi tape?


    I believe that many handwriting experts usually use washi tape in the following ways.1. Use paper tape to decorate your notebook to make a blank notebook look better and have a sense of life.2. Cut out the paper tape and use it as a small sticker, you can put it on various household items.In fact, t Read More

  • Why do you like washi tape for handwriting?


    Compared to regular tape, washi tape is usually not very sticky, does not have residual glue after tearing off, has little roll force and is uniform, comes in a variety of colors, and is widely used for pasting paper, beautification, and layout purposes.In the handbook, paper tape is usually used fo Read More

  • DIY ideas for washi tape


    Having unique stationery at school shows off your style, and at the same time it is an is smart behavior. This is because when your stationery has a unique floral pattern or landscape pattern, it is difficult for other children to recognize the stationery wrongly. There is no need to buy unique off- Read More

  • The difference between washi tape and paper tape


    There are many types of tapes, including transparent tape, high temperature tape, static electricity tape, electrical tape, washi tape, paper tape ...... and so on. Among them, washi tape and paper tape is one of the more similar, which will easily lead to, not familiar with these two types of tape, Read More

  • How to avoid choosing the wrong washi tape


    What is washi tape?Washi tape is a kind of tape using translucent Japanese washi paper as the material, the texture is close to paper can generally be torn manually, while the paper surface is printed with a variety of design patterns, so this tape is can be repeatedly pasted without leaving residua Read More

  • Why does washi tape creep?


    Washi tape adhesives can generally be tested for creep through tensile, elongation, shear, and cut tests, but what factors affect creep performance?The creep of the washi tape is generally the relative deformation of the sample that changes over time when the external force (tensile force, shear for Read More

  • Is washi tape the thinner, the better?


    Like me, I believe most of them initially "fell" from washi tape. Once you start hoarding washi tape, it will inevitably be "difficult to choose" washi paper, PET, crystal, sulfuric acid paper, or the same pattern. There are so many materials, which one should you choose? Which is more practical? Wh Read More

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