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How to avoid choosing the wrong washi tape

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What is washi tape?

Washi tape is a kind of tape using translucent Japanese washi paper as the material, the texture is close to paper can generally be torn manually, while the paper surface is printed with a variety of design patterns, so this tape is can be repeatedly pasted without leaving residual glue.

But this does not mean that this tape is flawless, there are the following problems with the box tape should not choose to buy.

washi tape

1. Repeated graphics

Graphic easily repeated washi tape, easy to produce aesthetic fatigue, paper tape of varying lengths, but generally speaking, even if you buy split models, can be used for a period of time. If you buy a pattern with a very distinctive theme, it is easier to get aesthetic fatigue after two or three uses. Excess tape put on the more unfortunate, of course, you can consider reselling, but also spend some time and effort.

2. Trimming the pattern takes time

If the width of the tape is more than 3cm, you will need to cut it with scissors when you put it together. Because of the stickiness of the tape itself, it takes some time to create a satisfactory layout, and washi tape that is too wide is not easy to work with.

3. Increase in paper thickness caused by stacking

The tape itself has a thickness, whether it is a separate collage or a stacked collage, it will add extra thickness to the paper, causing some potential writing inconvenience or making the handbook very bulky.

How to properly purchase box tape.

When buying before, think through whether the washi tape will be bought for priming or if you want to use it to cut out individual patterns. Determine the style you want and buy it in sets, the degree of good match is directly proportional to the usage rate. The best way to buy the pattern is to line up the style horizontally, good cutting, good collage.

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