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Why glue is important to the quality of high-temperature washi tape

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The quality of the glue of the washi tape will directly affect the use of the washi paper a situation, bad glue made of high temperature washi tape may be used.The quality of the glue will directly affect the use of the paper.

Ordinary washi tape glue is generally used acrylic glue, this glue is also generally called pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main component is tincture resin. The tincture content of the glue directly affects the use of washi tape, many individuals believe that the feel of the glue is good, in fact, this is wrong, and paper tape glue is good or bad in the use of two standards, one is the initial adhesive force, a retention force, the two are inversely proportional.

Generally speaking, the initial adhesive force is lower than the No. 10 washi tape is the glue overcoat teaching less, but most of the washi tape on the market are mixed with impurities, so the thickness increases, in order to cover the impurities, the glue to transparent washi tape appears egg yellow, light green, this washi tape is generally inferior.

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What is washi tape?

Washi is a Japanese paper, is a variety of colors, translucent, smooth surface paper, the thickness is very thin, can be used for single-sided tape and double-sided adhesive tape base material.

The "paper" invented in ancient China was brought to Japan through Koryo and improved with unique Japanese raw materials and production methods, impermeable and calendered to make the paper smooth and soft with a translucent texture. This is the paper with Japanese cultural characteristics today - washi paper.

Washi tape is made from Japanese washi paper coated with rubber or acrylic adhesive, and is mainly used for masking tape applications, and sometimes for craft product packaging.

Washi tape has gradually replaced traditional paper tape in recent years due to its soft and flat base material and good adhesion, and is used in fields such as decorative spray masking tape, automotive paint masking tape, and temporary fixed masking tape. Due to the excellent adhesive performance of Nihon Kikusui, it is easy to remove after masking construction because of its good initial adhesive performance and cohesive force, and no residual adhesive is left on the masked substrate.

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