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What is washi tape?

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Washi tape is also known as coated printing paper, this washi tape is also known as powder paper, it is a high-grade printing paper made from base paper coated with white paint. This kind of box sling can generally be used to print the covers and illustrations of advanced books and periodicals, color pictures, various exquisite samples, commodity packaging, etc.

The texture of washi tape is generally smooth and delicate. At present, the beautiful calendars, posters sold in bookstores, book covers, illustrations, art books and picture albums are basically decorated or packaged with washi tape.


Compared with ordinary tape, washi tape has a surface changed to paper, so the stickiness is not very strong, but due to the material, washi tape is easier to tear off, and there will never be any residual glue after tearing off. Wholesale washi tape can generally be made of various colors, so it is widely used in pasting paper, beautification, layout and DIY and so on.

Washi tape factory uses washi paper as the base material, because the paper is soft, so it is more suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration and other covering purposes. Because the viscosity is moderate, it has good adhesion and concealment to most smooth surfaces, bends or corners, so the workability is good, and it can be quickly peeled off after use, so that no glue residue is left.

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