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What is the purpose of printing washi tape?

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Washi tape has a moderate viscosity, good adhesion and shielding to most smooth surfaces, bends or corners, good workability, and can be quickly removed after use without leaving any glue residue.

Washi tape can be used at room temperature, suitable for civil and commercial building decoration, painting, spray painting, color separation, stucco masking, and can also be used for fixed sealing, masking, and protection electronics and automotive industries without temperature-resistant operating conditions No spraying required.

In addition, washi tape can also:

1. Decorate packaging and make Christmas cards, luxurious labels

2. Perfect color gift box packaging. DIY decoration

3. Work for handcrafted art. cute stationery to use

4. So many designs and colorful

5. No residue, safe hand tear

6. Soft and paper-thin.

Washi tape features:

1. Good adhesion

2. Good elasticity

3. No residue glue

4. Various colors can be printed, and the width and length can be customized according to customer requirements.

print washi tape

Washi tape contains fine pulp and pastes ingredients with unique technology. It uses imported washi paper as the base material, is coated with three-component oil-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, and is baked and rolled at high temperatures. It has excellent flexibility, easy to tear, and is easy to write. , Easy to stick and easy to remove, will not leave ugly glue marks, rich colors, suitable for gift-giving occasions, advertising promotions, festivals, birthdays, weddings, awards commemoration, trade fairs, anniversary notes, memo stickers, labels, diary decoration, photo sticker. More uses can give full play to the imagination and flexible use!

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