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What is the difference between washi tape and masking tape?

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Textured paper, English name Crepe paper, is a kind of industrial spray masking paper with wrinkles on the surface, which is widely used in interior decoration, industrial spray paint, and automobile spray paint for masking purposes.

Washi is a kind of Japanese paper, the English name is Japanese paper or Washi, Rice paper. It is a multi-colored, translucent, smooth-surfaced paper with a very thin thickness.

What's the difference between washi tape and masking tape when washi paper or masking paper is used as the base material and one side is coated with acrylic glue or rubber glue?

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The thickness of the masking tape is usually 0.17mm, and there are wrinkles on the side of the uncoated adhesive layer. The tensile strength of the tape is good, and it can resist mechanical impact and a certain tensile force without breaking. It is more suitable for masking the surface of some rough substrates. many.

The thickness of washi tape is usually 0.08mm, the uncoated adhesive layer is smooth and flat at one time, the substrate is translucent and thin as cicada wings, the tape has poor tensile strength, but it is light, soft and compliant, and is easy to use on some substrate surfaces that require fine masking more.

For example, in the field of automotive painting, the use of washi tape for paint masking is very suitable, and it shows many advantages over masking tape:

After the edge of the masking tape is pasted on the metal surface of the car, there will be tiny pores that cause the paint to leak slightly into the masked area, so that the edge effect will be greatly reduced after the paint is removed from the tape.

Washi tape has been widely used in the field of automotive painting due to its excellent conformability and excellent edge sticking effect.

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