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What is pet washi tape?

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This is the tape material that became popular last year. Once it is listed, it is highly respected. Many hand tents seem to have found a life-saving straw in an instant. Finally, there is no need to draw with a pen or knife. The scissors can be easily cut and attached, and there is no need to worry about white edges.

This kind of pet washi tape is convenient, but after a long time, it has been discovered that this material also has irreparable drawbacks. For example, stickiness, because of the particular material, like transparent packaging plastic, is more complicated than washi paper and is not so soft to use. Moreover, this material has its static electricity, and a large pattern is attached to the book, and it is harder to tear it off perfectly than to the sky. The most annoying thing is sticking the release notebook. There is no way to stick it on the notebook perfectly without bubbles. There is also the most complaining point: it is easy to wrinkle, and it is a wrinkle that will never be smoothed. Whoever sees it dislikes it. The best way to save PET material is to store it in the whole roll. Cut a small section every time you use it. Never cut the package or paste the release book by yourself. After a long time, you will cry.

pet washi tape

Although the slot is complete, it still can't stop the love of many handbags. After all, the PET material is beautiful, and the colors are bright. The white ink layer is impenetrable and suitable for character patterns. Last year's new unique process - crystal ink, doubled the value of pet washi tape. Crystal ink is a remarkable substance with a thin transparent material added to the top of the tape to make it feel more three-dimensional. The special refraction effect of the crystal texture will make the tape look more fairy. This is also the reason why sweet tape has always been so popular. The floral elements of fruit cakes are beautiful, and with exceptional craftsmanship, they are invincible.

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