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What factors affect the stickiness of washi tape?

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When many people use custom washi tape, they will encounter a situation where the viscosity of washi tape is continuously reduced. Many people will blame this reason for the poor quality of the product, but, many times, this happens because of the environment in which it is used. Play a significant factor. It is not entirely the product quality of washi tape, so what factors can cause the viscosity of washi tape to become lower?

Large air vapor or water seepage: if washi tape has been kept in wet and cold conditions, it will gradually lose its compressive strength and viscosity due to hydrolysis, and in more severe cases, the glue will even vaporize. If water penetrates the surface layer, it will slowly replace the adhesive that bonds the pages. Therefore, under the condition of wet and cold water seepage, the compressive strength of washi tape will gradually decrease, which will directly affect the viscosity.

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High temperature: the viscosity of washi tape will gradually decrease in the high-temperature ring mirror for a long time, so it is best not to store and use washi tape in a high-temperature environment

Electronegativity of the object to have adhered and the glue of washi tape: According to the periodicity of positive and negative attraction, the greater the electronegativity between the object to have adhered and the adhesive of washi tape, the tighter the adhesion, and vice versa. Causes a reduction in viscosity.

Low temperature or hydrogen production: Washi tape will also cause its adhesion to be significantly reduced when it is in a low-temperature environment, so do not use washi tape in a low-temperature environment

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