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What are the points for improvement in the washi tape industry?

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Washi tape material, most of the current washi tape manufacturers, are using Japanese washi paper. Japanese washi paper is divided into many subcategories, high permeability, thickening, out of the feel is different.

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Many washi tape manufacturers choose the washi paper material is not a big problem, but because many planners do not understand the image washi paper material, some images suitable for translucent, some images suitable for thickening material, resulting in some details of the planning is not good enough to eventually lead to the quality of the washi tape made is not good enough.

At present, only a very small number of washi tape manufacturers produce a delicate image of washi tape is more delicate, the quality can be semi-transparent, very light and soft.

The image planning, many washi tape manufacturers currently produce image planning, I do not know why hand-painted watercolor style is prevalent, if the planning is also good, but most watercolor images are really poor planning, from the planning of beautiful and decorative, most of the washi tape manufacturers image planning and Japanese brands are poor several levels, which is determined by the production capacity of manufacturers.

Some Japanese brands image planning on aesthetics are well grasped, the prevalent domestic is the painting printed on washi tape, such image planning is actually no intention, in terms of usefulness, only can do some handbook decoration, it is difficult to broaden to do crafts and other home life use.

This does not require the brain to adjust the color harmony layout layout, the manufacturing of washi tape is very bad, in the production of washi tape, must have a basic aesthetic basis for the production of washi tape and must plan, but also know the layout layout and tape re-creation

Now most of the washi tape sticky adhesive, is the pain point of the industry, the biggest problem of many washi tape is poor adhesion, repeatedly sticky once or twice is not how to stick, this is because many washi tape manufacturers in order to save money, with the glue is not very good, so many washi tape manufacturers, if you want to make washi tape quality improvement, you need to work on the adhesive of washi tape.

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