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What are the daily uses of washi tape?

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1. Use washi tape like a schedule sticker

(1) It is easier to tear if it is folded at one end instead of sticky notes.

(2) Paper tape with a lot of writing space, you can write down the details of the schedule, such as time, and it can be pasted repeatedly without damaging the paper.

(3) Activities that last for several days (for example, travel, outing training, etc.) can be all covered with tape so that you can know at a glance when you are free or have arranged days.

(4) Some tapes have patterns on the theme of shopping, eating, etc., which are directly torn off and pasted on the hand account, which is both beautiful and more economical than stickers.

(5) Instead of the index, fold the tape in half and stick it on the first page of each month. The indexing force is greatly improved.

(6) As a deadline mark, you can cut a small triangle with tape and stick it in the lower right corner of the deadline date of the calendar.

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2. Make a secret pocket that can hold banknotes, business cards, etc. Find a piece of opaque and suitable size paper, and stick paper tape on its three sides, and you're done;

3. Two kinds of paper tape, one wide and one narrow are needed to decorate the spine part of the handbook. Now paste the wide one on the spine, and then paste the narrow tape while exposing the wide tape, and it will be completed in 3-5 minutes;

4. It can store notes, stickers, and memos. It would help if you had a transparent folder and a roll of paper tape. Cut out three right angles and an arc-shaped transparent plastic sheet. Paste the paper tape on both sides of the arc, and paste the two sides of the opposite right angle. The paper tape also needs to play the role of sticking and fixing.

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