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What are some great everyday uses for washi tape?

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You've seen washi tapes on Facebook, Instagram, and craft blogs. They look so cute but are very useful.

What is washi tape?

Washi tape is Japanese tape that comes in various colors and patterns. Washi tape is made from Japanese paper, usually made by hand from raw materials such as mulberry, bamboo, and rice. Because washi tape is made of paper, the tape has a frosted texture and is comfortable to the touch. Washi tape has a slight translucency, and white washi tape blends in with the light-colored paper.

Special washi tapes have a polished surface, which gives them a metallic and pearlescent effect. The adhesive of washi tape is formulated to be reapplied, as the tape is easy to apply, peel and move to different locations. Because of this property and its various beautiful designs, washi tape is famous for craftsmanship and decoration.

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Washi Tape Trees

You can make a holiday tree with washi tape or a tree that records your child's height by making the tree trunk with washi tape and then placing two layers of tape side by side, using only one of the layers for the branches. Then cut some washi tape for the leaves, which can be replaced as the seasons change to mimic the changing seasons.

Washi tape photo frame

Adding washi tape instantly brightens up even the most ordinary frames. Choose washi tape that matches the photo's tone to create a brighter DIY frame that will make it more appealing.

Washi tape light switches and sockets

Adorning washi tape around outlets can add character to a drab wall. If you want to cover the entire outlet and light switch, try choosing washi tape with patterns that are easy to align.

Washi tape coasters

For an extra touch when entertaining guests, decorate coasters with paper tape. Your guests will be impressed with your creativity as they marvel at these design-inspired coasters.

Washi Tape Keyboard

For a fun addition to your keyboard, washi tape is a great way to make your desk visually attractive.

Washi Tape Notebooks

Decorating a notebook with paper tape can make notebook note-taking more interesting.

Washi Tape Cork Board

Cork boards are generally used to hold notes, memos, souvenirs, and pictures. Using washi tape, you can personalize cork boards with simple patterns, diagonal layouts, or simple lines on the frame.

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