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Washi tape to innovate in order to develop

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Innovation is an industry that never fails to develop, and the washi tape industry is even more so, the industry occupies a larger and larger proportion of its requirements are also increasingly high, green is one of the requirements, washi tape manufacturers can make reference to the following aspects and further improve and enhance.

Washi tape

1. Innovation and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technology, so that more excellent performance of plastic to become and paper tape materials, and the use of new materials of high performance, to achieve the reduction of washi tape;

2. Reduce the cost of new materials and technologies for washi tape through independent research and development and technological innovation to avoid the problem that many washi tape materials that meet environmental requirements cannot be used on a large scale due to high costs.

3. Improve and improve the processing technology of washi tape recycling, so that the recycling rate of washi tape can be significantly increased, improve and eliminate the hidden danger of white pollution caused by washi tape, and improve the utilization rate of resources;

4. Develop intelligent and other advanced washi tape technology to improve the safety and environmental performance of washi tapes.

5. Develop bio-based materials, effectively regulate the degradation time and cycle of bioplastics, and reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of washi tape materials on the ecological environment while giving full play to the functions of bioplastics and paper tape materials;

6. Promote the progress and development of plastic blending technology, new plastic additives and application technology, to ensure the non-toxic, sanitary and environmental protection of washi tape materials, the use of low-cost technology to improve the performance of washi tape materials, to provide the possibility of reducing.

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