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Washi tape can be bought like this

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The frequency of use of tape in the handbook is very high, for people who are new to washi tape, this is a washi tape dry goods, the main decorations of the handbook can be divided into three categories: stamps, stickers and tape, today to briefly talk about washi tape.

Once in the tape deep like the sea, how many varieties of washi tape, a question that probably only the human imagination can answer. From different colorways to themes, the shopping cart is often overflowing when you look back.

But like stamps and stickers, washi tape has its own advantages, disadvantages and applications, and a little knowledge can help you save a little bit of your budget.

washi tape

Advantages of washi tape

1. Low viscosity, can be repeatedly taped

Most washi tapes have low viscosity and can be torn repeatedly until you are satisfied. It is important to note that this is based on the premise of the width of the tape. The width of washi tape ranges from 0.7cm to 10cm, basically the wider the tape, the larger the area, the worse the flatness of repeated tearing.

2. A wide variety

Unlike stamps, washi tape is as diverse as the stars, any pattern and theme can be made into tape, once the seller show seeds, is basically the rhythm of buying.

3 Easy to store and carry

Whether rolled or packaged, washi tape is easier to store or carry than stamps. You can buy a storage box to store many rolls!

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