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The secret of various materials of washi tape

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There are many materials for washi tape. Let's take a look today.

Washi is the most common tape material for hand tents. There are many kinds of high-quality washi tapes.

First of all, look at the stickiness. Since it is a tape, it is naturally used to stick it. Whether it is sticky or not, and how sticky it is, this is the most basic. If a new roll of tape can't even stick to the release paper, or it is easy to warp, then you have to doubt the quality of the tape. Is it worth buying?

The washi tape used for hand accounts differs from the tape used daily. The more sticky the tape used for daily life, the better, it is best to stick it on and not remove it, but the tape used for hand accounts should also emphasize decoration and practicality. If it sticks too much, stick it on and then tear it off, and tear off the paper along the way, that's not okay! So easy-to-use tape is usually dense but not degummed, easy to stick, and tear. When buying again in the future, compare the tapes of different societies and manufacturers a lot, and gradually gain experience.

washi tape

Next, look at the thickness. Dozens of dollars of washi tape, why is it so expensive? The requirements for viscosity are high, and the requirements for thickness are also high. You don't like thick tape. The college is like stacking plates, and it is pretty tricky to cut with a pencil knife, so the thinner the tape, the more popular it is. It is better to stick it on paper for better transparency, and it is more convenient for friends who are not good at "knife craftsmanship."

Finally, look at the craftsmanship. Although the thinner the tape, the better, if it is fragile, some patterns may become transparent, and it will still not look good when pasted. Of course, there are also significant differences in the manufacturer's raw materials and unique oil processes.

PET tape

This is the tape material that became popular last year. Once it is listed, it is highly respected. Many hand tents seem to have found a life-saving straw in an instant. Finally, there is no need to draw with a pen or knife. The scissors can be easily cut and attached, and there is no need to worry about white edges.

Everyone finds it convenient to use, and after a long time, it is discovered that this material also has irreparable drawbacks. For example, stickiness, because of the unique material, like transparent packaging plastic, is more challenging than washi paper and is not so soft to use. Moreover, this material has its static electricity, and a large pattern is attached to the book, and it is harder to tear it off perfectly than to the sky. The most annoying thing is to stick the release notebook. If you want to stick it on the notebook perfectly without bubbles, you may not be able to do it in the next life.

Another point that makes people complain is that it is easy to wrinkle, and it is a wrinkle that will never be smoothed out. The best way to save PET material is to store it in the whole roll. Cut a small section every time you use it. Never cut the package or paste the release book by yourself. After a long time, you will cry.

Although there are many problems, it still can't stop the love of many handbags. After all, the PET material is beautiful, and the colors are bright. The white ink layer is not transparent, which is suitable for character patterns. Last year's new unique process - crystal ink, doubled the value of PET tape. Crystal ink is a unique substance with a thin transparent material added to the top of the tape to make it feel more three-dimensional. The special refraction effect of the crystal texture will make the tape look more fairy. This is also the reason why sweet tape has always been so popular. The floral elements of fruit cakes are beautiful, and with extraordinary craftsmanship, they are invincible.

Sulfate Paper Tape

Sulfuric acid paper is no stranger to everyone. The interlayers of many albums, cosmetics, or the packaging in shoe boxes are translucent and a little thick. It looks foggy, and the sound of tearing is a bit clear. It is a standard paper, and the backing film is rolled into a roll, which becomes our tape.

This material is not as flexible as Japanese paper and not as transparent as PET; it is very thick, easy to tear, and easy to deform after a long time.

opp tape

This material is familiar to everyone, and the price is meager. That is the large roll of tape that is necessary for our family. The common ones are transparent and yellow. This tape is printed with a pattern to form our opp tape. Generally, there is no release paper. A roll of tens of meters or even hundreds of meters

self-adhesive tape

You may not have used this one, but you must find it everywhere. The labels on the plastic packaging of various stationery are all made of this material. Most labels are laminated, waterproof, and sturdy, but if used to play with a hand account, we prefer unlaminated, matte, tape, and stick to the collage card; the three-dimensional effect is superb. Therefore, this matte self-adhesive is usually white or black, and it is best to use it as a primer without a pattern.

The above are several common tape materials for handbags. After summarizing it, I found that there are so many kinds. You all know this time.

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