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The origin and development of washi tape

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During the Tang Dynasty (7th century AD), after the ancient Chinese papermaking technique was introduced to Japan from Korea, the Japanese paper artisans, through continuous development and improvement, produced long-fiber, thin-textured paper using wild goose skin, sambar, or paper mulberry as raw materials. and paper.

It was later used in the restoration of cultural relics around the world. It was used for many purposes, such as Japanese paintings and woodcuts, by taking advantage of its properties of being preserved for 1,000 years and firm and soft. At the same time, it is also used as a material for some handicrafts and furniture. In the Edo period, Japanese paper was mass-produced in Japan. In addition to doors and windows, it was also used in kimonos and bedding. It was used to make banknotes in daily life. Even today, when the Western paper was popularized, washi paper is still a part of people's life. An essential part of.

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Today, some Japanese artists use the excellent characteristics of washi paper to combine illustration design, traditional culture, and washi paper to create a tape with great beauty and texture - washi tape.

Washi tape is different from ordinary tape life. It is made of washi paper, so it can be torn off with bare hands without destroying the tape. It can also be used to write and draw with various pens. What makes people feel more impressed is its stickiness, even if it is repeatedly pasted, it will not leave traces, and it can continue to be used even after it is wet with water and dried, and it will not deform.

And what can such a beautiful tape do?

Washi tape can be mainly used for greeting card collage, coaster making, flower pot beautification, storage box graffiti, bicycle transformation, and furniture decoration. The little tapes are like magic wands, and they are played with wild and unrestrained tricks by experts, only unexpected but not impossible!

The appearance of washi tape can perfectly realize the new look of almost every utensil. It can push the beauty and splendor to others, so life is more beautiful.

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