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The best-selling washi tape of 2022

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Washi tape, a decorative, low-tack tape, is available in patterns and textures that replicate traditional Japanese washi paper, a handmade paper made from the bark of shrubs such as mulberry trees that is coated or printed with intricate designs.

Normally we can use washi tape to wrap gifts, seal letters or accent scrapbook pages; we can even tear off strips to label jars or repair torn paper. A good washi tape should stick well, not curl, and be easy to peel and reposition when necessary. Below we have gathered a selection of high-quality, best-selling washi tapes for you to choose from


1. MT Washi Tape

The original washi tape, MT, was created in 2006 by Kamoi Kakoshi, a Japanese company that has been producing industrial adhesives for over a century. Washi tape is thin but strong, and it has a reliable adhesion, so it is easy to remove and leaves no residue. The set comes in 10 solid colors, from pink to lemon green, and they're lovely on their own, but can also produce amazing results when layered.


2. Darice Yellow Washi Tape Assortment

One of the decorative goals of washi tape is to assemble visually exciting designs that don't clash with each other. with Darice's washi tape, you can get tape with stripes, polka dots, herringbone and more patterns. The variety of patterns are very rich, in addition to the moderate adhesive, so this tape is widely acclaimed.


3. Scottish washi tape

This washi tape is a washi tape with bright colors that can be mixed and matched with dozens of combinations. These tapes are slightly narrower than some of the options on the list, but that makes them especially good for precisely covering small areas. They look better together or layered, so you can get creative with them. The tapes can generally be easily removed by hand and have excellent adhesion. You can also remove them easily without leaving any residue. Each roll contains 5 meters of tape. 4.


4. Kamiiso Saien Tape

This Japanese manufacturer has particularly attractive patterns, and washi tape is generally printed with everything from cute cats to flowers to chocolate-covered fruit. The style is sophisticated, the patterned images are not cheesy, and the delicate details can be captured in soft colors. Made from high-quality washi paper, they are works of art in their own right.


5. Bande Writable Washi Tape

Repositionable, which makes them easy to tear off and reapply, this set of stickers is designed to resemble a rose knot - perfect for conveying your encouragement or congratulations - and this washi tape comes in a variety of attractive colors and patterns. Vibrant and eye-catching, they won't fade over time. Unlike standard washi tapes, they have a paper backing, so be careful when peeling them off to operate an extra step.


6.Weiai washi tape

Weiai specializes in custom washi tapes, producing colorfast, easy to glue washi tapes that can be removed and applied at any time. custom washi tapes are a process that involves several parts, including: custom length, custom width, finish, and custom packaging. weiai, as the largest manufacturer of custom washi tapes, sells custom printed washi tapes in bulk.

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