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The Importance of Washi Tape Reconciliation

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Compared with ordinary tapes, washi tape has low viscosity, no residual glue after tearing off, small rolling force, uniform force, and various colors. It is widely used in pasting paper, beautifying and layout purposes.

In handbooks, washi tape is generally used for decorative purposes, but can also be used for page decoration, replacing pictures as illustrations, collage layout, making borders and large-area background rendering.

Washi tape is available in various sizes. Washi tape is basically repeated every 30cm or so. Therefore, there are many sub-packaging tapes on the market. You can cut different patterned tapes to 30cm or 50cm respectively and wrap them around the sub-packaging board. One board becomes a collection of tapes. , Washi tape has many patterns and the price is relatively low, so it is very suitable for beginners.

There are many types of washi tape patterns, such as functional, retro, antique and lace.


Why do book writers like to use washi tape?

1. Aesthetics, a large number of styles and colors can meet the needs of most book writers. To make a book, you need to dress up the book beautifully. A hand book with custom washi tape is like a rough room being finely decorated.

2. Practicality, many people can't draw, but writing handbooks needs to have beautiful patterns. Washi tape generally has beautiful patterns, so in the hands of collage experts, washi tape has a very practical decorative effect.

3. Durability. A standard roll of washi tape is about 3-5 meters long, and a notebook for writing accounts is generally only a small one. A roll of washi tape can be used for a long time, which is very cost-effective.

Let's take a look at some handbooks using washi tape:

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