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Learn more about washi tape

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The advantages of bronzing without release paper are as follows:

1. Most washi tapes do not have backing paper, which is also a feature of the tape itself.

2. Without the bottom paper, it is more convenient for users to keep and carry, because it is not easy to be scattered and deformed when torn.

3. Since there are not many manufacturers who really solve the problem of losing gold at present, if the gold can not be lost, it is a reflection of word of mouth and strength.

There are two sides to things, good and bad. So what are the disadvantages of bronzing without bottom paper?

1. Difficulty in selecting factories. Due to the technical difficulty, choosing the right manufacturer is a problem. Some manufacturers still lose money when they make it.

2. It is easier to turn yellow. Since the main component of the ink is resin, yellowing is its own characteristic.

3. Because the varnish specially formulated on the surface is thicker, the paper feels thicker to the touch.

washi tape

Advantages of backing paper:

1. Can write

2. It looks like the color is closer to the printed color

3. Yellowing resistance.

The disadvantages are as follows:

1. It is not easy to store and carry, and may become loose at any time.

2. You will still lose gold, which is more serious in some ways. Because the essence of bronzing film is a mixture of powder and adhesive, it is normal to lose powder after a long time.

If lovers touch it with their hands for a long time, friction will be more or less affected. Therefore, there are not many bronzing products abroad, and even the bronzing products are more bronzing under the film. from this angle

Looking at the bronzing surface of the washi tape, it is similar to bronzing under the film, which is more scientific and environmentally friendly.

3. The space occupied by the washi tape with the backing paper is larger, and the transportation and storage costs are higher.

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