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Is washi tape the thinner, the better?

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Like me, I believe most of them initially "fell" from washi tape. Once you start hoarding washi tape, it will inevitably be "difficult to choose" washi paper, PET, crystal, sulfuric acid paper, or the same pattern. There are so many materials, which one should you choose? Which is more practical? Which is easier to save? Which is more suitable for collection?

Japanese paper is the most commonly used tape material for hand tents. Everyone knows what it looks like, and the method of use will not be repeated here. Let's talk about the method of identifying high-quality washi tape!

Whether the washi tape is of high quality depends on its stickiness first. Since it is a tape, it is naturally used to stick it. If a new roll of tape can't even be attached to the release paper, or it is easy to warp, then you have to doubt the quality of the tape. Is it worth buying?

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The washi tape used for tents differs from the tape used daily. The more sticky the tape used in life, the better. It is best to stick it on and not remove it. However, the washi tape used for hand accounts should also emphasize decoration and practicality. If it sticks too much, sticking it on and then tearing it off will tear off the paper along the way, which is not acceptable! So, the easy-to-use tape is usually dense but not degummed and easy to stick and tear. When buying again in the future, compare the tapes of different societies and manufacturers a lot, and gradually gain experience.

The washi tape has high requirements for viscosity and thickness. Most people don't like thick tape. After making a collage, it is like stacking a plate. It is pretty difficult to cut such a sticker with a pencil knife, so the thinner the washi tape, the more popular it is. It is best to stick it on paper for better transparency, and it is more convenient for friends who are not good at knives.

Although the thinner the tape, the better, if it is fragile, some patterns may become transparent, and it will still not look good when pasted. Of course, the raw materials of washi paper and the unique oil process of different manufacturers are also very different, so it is not that the thinner the washi tape, the better, but the thickness should be selected based on the overall effect.

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