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Is it better to divide the washi tape or the whole roll?

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I have been recommending that newcomers to the handbook as well as students to buy divided tape, but when you have been in the pit for a while, or have some economic base or collage experience, it is not recommended to buy divided.

The principle is: if the tape quality is good, the cycle in more than 80 cm, the price is not expensive it is worth buying the whole volume, of course, I will not be crazy to hoard the whole volume of tape because of this, but also depends on the degree of practicality. Buy washi tape, the cycle needs to be as long as 2 meters, and enough elements, the material is practical enough, good enough quality, it is worth to enter the whole volume. Some handbook customers said that a volume is not even enough. In addition, some basic models, such as squares, solid colors and so on is also directly into the whole volume, the basic models never go out of fashion ah!

In fact, the choice of tape is not as easy as many people think, accidentally will be confused by many handbook bloggers, they collage out of something nice, follow the purchase, the hands of fresh two days, and will not use, had to put aside for a long time. It is best to understand what style of handbook you really want, to determine the style, and then figure out what elements of this style and then according to these elements to find the appropriate tape. Or directly find a handbook blogger, according to his finished product to find the same type of material, remember, the same type of material, not the same material, "imitation" is definitely not "copy", according to others to do exactly the same collage and layout, your handbook will Your handbook will lose its meaning.

All design starts from imitation, but you can not always imitate, from the continuous practice to find experience, into their own skills, and then use the new material to create their own work, this process, the lazy will be the first to be kicked out of the game, persistent, natural will be rewarded.

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