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In addition to decorative handwriting, what are some other great creative uses for washi tape?

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I believe that many handwriting experts usually use washi tape in the following ways.

1. Use paper tape to decorate your notebook to make a blank notebook look better and have a sense of life.

2. Cut out the paper tape and use it as a small sticker, you can put it on various household items.

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In fact, there are many other ways to use washi tape, so today we will share with you other ways to use washi tape in your life.

1. Decorative photo frames

Many people like to use the Polaroid to take photos, which is very convenient. The washed out photos are a bit monotonous, if you use a good-looking tape to make a simple frame, the class will be different. Like friends can try the effect ~

2. Decorative lipstick

Sometimes lipstick with a long time, the lipstick shell is easy to wear, paint, lost the style of the past. At this point, if you put on the paper tape, not only to cover up the defects, but also to play the effect of dressing up, so we will not be so heartbroken already worn out cover!

3. Phone case

Cell phones do not often change, phone cases often change. But every now and then to keep a different look, that will need to spend a little different little thought. In fact, a few rolls of washi tape can be done, you can choose solid colors or cool colors of the phone case, and then every day to choose their favorite piece of tape to stick on the phone case. Every day every week a different style, is not a feeling Oh ~

4. Home furnishings, mirrors, lights, storage boxes

Washi tape is actually a good thing to decorate your home life, like I especially like to stick on all white or all plain supplies, such as white lamps, all plain iron boxes, light-colored cosmetics. The unintentional decoration can become the highlight of the home, and the decorated items will also make people happy, you can also change the season according to the different paper tape to change the atmosphere of the home.

5. Notebook index stickers

Tape and handbook is cp, in addition to decorating the beautiful handbook, but also as a notebook index paper to use, different tapes represent different page numbers, easy access to retrieve at any time, no longer panic about the book.

6. Packaging transparent glass cups

Work at home, a handful of glass. How to decorate the glass in order not to disappear from the crowd, but also with other people's to do the distinction. In fact, a simple washi tape can be done, stick a beautiful tape, is not more distinctive. In addition, the usual drinking mineral water bottles can also be affixed a tape, it will not be easy to confuse.

7. Decorative hair cards

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