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How to deal with the problem of washi tape warping?

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Washi tape is widely used in our daily life and in all walks of life, but there is a problem with washi tape. Its edges will warp after a long time, making its viscosity much weaker. Good quality washi tape will take a long time to warp, and poor quality washi tape may warp within a few hours. What is the reason for the warping of washi tape?

The reasons for the warping of the washi tape are as follows:

1. The viscosity of the glue is too weak. It may be because the quality of the glue used in the production is not good enough, or the glue has been placed for too long, and the viscosity is reduced. It is recommended to go to the regular washi tape manufacturer to buy

2. After sticking to the object's surface, the pressure exerted is not enough. The solution is straightforward, that is, after sticking it, press it harder;

3. The surface flatness of the object is not high. Different objects have different surface flatness due to different materials and shapes, making them easy to warp. It is recommended to choose different viscous washi tapes for different object surfaces;

washi tape

So how can we make the washi tape not so easily warped?

Here are two suggestions: First, you must go to a well-reputed, branded, and large-scale washi tape custom manufacturer to buy high-quality washi tape. Secondly, pay attention to the correct method of use. Only in this way can you ensure that the washi tape will not be too easy to warp when used。

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