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How the stickiness of washi tape works

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Washi tape is different from general tape mainly because it is tearable and different from sticky notes. Sticky stickers can be attached and taken out anytime and anywhere for better convenience. It is a unique adhesive created by 3M. It is not so sticky. Powerful.

The washi tape can be peeled off immediately without destroying the paper, but if it has been stuck for a long time and then peeled off, it will tear the paper. The purpose of the tape is mainly to stick, not like a sticky note. The purpose is to apply it multiple times.

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Washi tape can not only stick to paper but also to other materials, such as wood and metal materials. It can be used in most areas where tapes can stick. Therefore, I think monochrome washi tape is the ultimate substitute for scotch tape. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it is also more convenient to use. Even if it is not easy to tear off the paper, it is much more convenient to stick it on wood and carton than ordinary tape.

Regarding the stickiness of washi tape, different brands are very different. Well-known brands are more secure in quality. Although well-known brand tapes are expensive, they are worth every penny. The stickiness of the glue is also adequate. And many cost-effective domestic tapes generally do not meet the testing standards for paper tapes. In short, they look like they are covered with paper tapes, and the application experience is weak.

There are too many types of paper tape, and everyone has different aesthetics. If you are a beginner, I suggest you choose some of your favorite styles from well-known brands.

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