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How much do you know about the stickiness of washi tape?

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Washi tape manufacturer introduced that washi tape is different from general tape. The main difference is that it can be torn. This is different from sticky notes, which are not so sticky for easier sticking and tearing.

In addition to being torn at any time, washi tape can also be torn off without damaging the paper, but if the washi tape sticks long enough and is torn off after a long time, the paper will still be torn.

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Washi tape can not only stick to paper but also other materials, such as wood and metal materials, etc. Most of the materials that tape can stick to, washi tape can also stick to it, but washi tape is not only beautiful but also used. It is also very convenient, and when it is torn off, it is not easy to damage the adhered object, and there will be no residual colloid, which is more convenient to use than other tapes.

When it comes to the stickiness of washi tape, the difference between different brands of washi tape is quite significant. Therefore, when purchasing washi tape, it is best to choose a prominent washi tape brand. The quality is guaranteed. It won't lose its viscosity very quickly.

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