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Did you get the usage of washi tape?

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Adhesive tape is an indispensable tool for hand account decoration,In addition to the tape sticker can decorate the hand accountIn fact, there are many ways to use it

— Decoration gifts —

Decorating gifts with tape should be familiar to everyone.

Whether it is to decorate the whole box with tape, or embellish a part, it turns into a unique gift box

— Decorative coasters/plates —

Buying items for a long time will inevitably cause aesthetic fatigue. Use the tape in your hand to change them into a good-looking clothes, or DIY a good-looking paper cup

— Transparent mobile phone case/glass product —

If your phone is a more popular model, a good-looking phone case can make you picky

But the mobile phone model is too unpopular. Finding one that feels good is like going to the sky. Simply paste one by yourself, or you can paste it and give it to a friend as a gift,Or use tape to decorate a transparent vase/cup

— Make a label —

The handbook er who likes to store must have many storage books. When the storage books are more and more, the time is getting longer and longer, and you may not remember what this book is. Use writeable label tape to mark it.

The bottles and cans purchased uniformly in the kitchen are marked with labels, which greatly reduces the probability of treating soy sauce as vinegar

In fact, there are many uses of tape. Now I only share a part of the usage for everyone, and I will add it later.

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