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DIY ideas for washi tape

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Having unique stationery at school shows off your style, and at the same time it is an is smart behavior. This is because when your stationery has a unique floral pattern or landscape pattern, it is difficult for other children to recognize the stationery wrongly.

There is no need to buy unique off-the-shelf pencils when you can decorate a unique pencil with a roll of washi tape in a matter of minutes.

Washi tape made from crepe paper is easier to clean than BOPP tape, but not as highly sticky as cloth-based tape. You can stick it to something and peel it off without damaging the surface of the thing. Best of all, it comes in thousands of patterns: flowers, sports, stripes and even camouflage.

So grab a few rolls of washi tape and follow the simple steps below to fill your stationery box with colorful pencils.

1. Sharpen your pencils and place them on your work surface. Next to the pencil, measure the length of washi tape that will cover the pencil and cut the tape with scissors. If the width of the tape is less than the circumference of the pencil, cut a second piece of tape of the same length.

2. Place one side of the tape near the eraser of the pencil and press down gently. Slide your finger toward the tip and keep adjusting the tape so that the tape aligns with the diamond edge of the pencil and there are no air bubbles. If the tape becomes bent or bubbly, simply peel it off and reapply.

3. Rotate the pencil and gently press the tape over the other edges. If the width of the tape is less than the circumference of the pencil, you will need to pick up a second piece of tape and apply it to the uncovered portion of the pencil, aligning the pattern as closely as possible.

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