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Common uses of washi tape

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Do you know these things? How do I use washi tape?

Washi tape is commonly used to wrap gifts and as a sticker. And some handbook enthusiasts will also use washi tape to do the decoration of the handbook, it can also be used for our usual use of some pen holders and other small objects to do decoration.

washi tape

1. The difference between washi tape and ordinary tape is that the surface of washi tape is paper, and the stickiness of washi tape is not as strong as ordinary tape, once you tear down when there is no residual glue left, and because the surface of washi tape has many colors, more beautiful, so it is often used as the decoration of items

2. The use of washi tape, use and ordinary tape is different, washi tape is generally used for gift packaging, and because washi tape is paper, so washi tape can be written, so washi tape is often used as a label stickers to use.

Some handbook enthusiasts also use washi tape for decoration, to add a little color and interest to the boring text and records in the handbook. In addition to decorating the handbook, we usually use some pen holders and other small objects can also be decorated with washi tape.

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