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5 creative ways to use washi tape beyond your imagination

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We've recently added several washi tape designs to our craft projects to show you how easy it is to use the colorful and versatile tape.

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Personalize your stationery

Wrap your notebooks for a fun and personalized addition to your stationery collection. Washi tape can also be used on pencil holders, stationery boxes, and school bags, making it very popular with young people.

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Decorate your wires

Washi tape can be used to decorate your wires and plugs by labeling them, but of course, another function is to help identify them. When you are faced with many messy wires, the tape affixed to the cable can quickly help you distinguish the purpose of the wire and know which cable is suitable for which equipment.

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Decorative tin cans

Decorating washi tape on tin cans can turn them into stylish pen holders and brush holders, and as long as you like, washi tape can turn tin cans into beautiful handicrafts by decorating them in any way you want.

Creative Postcard

Get creative with a simple postcard, you can decorate a plain postcard to make it unique in the world, and we all love the simplicity of this design.

Gift Wrapping

Instead of storing rolls of wrapping paper for every birthday or special occasion, you only need a few strips of paper tape to add color to plain paper.

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