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10 ways to use postcards

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Introduce how to use postcards!

1. Greeting card

How long have you not written a letter?

I have always felt that a postcard is a romantic and long-lasting existence. It is a worthwhile wait to write down my thoughts with pen and ink, and then mail it to the other person's hand over a long distance.

You can write all your confession, thanks, and blessings on postcards, or extract your favorite beautiful sentences and send them to relatives and friends. You can also write letters to strangers, but you can also connect with each other, and it feels wonderful

Two, decorative cards

Postcards can also be used as decorations, decorate the environment with favorite elements, and life itself seems to be romantic.

2. Desktop decoration card/photo prop card

A good-looking postcard can be put into a photo frame as a photo, or clipped in a message folder on the desktop, or used as a photo prop. The literary and artistic style will come in minutes.

Three, hand account

1. Handbook material/typesetting baffle

Putting postcards into your account book like Miao Jiang has a retro taste. Different postcard styles will also make the account different.

2. Small card collage

The front of the postcard is in the format of an envelope, and the back has the function of letterhead. We can play the positive side, so let's make a happy collage!

Four, other

1. Reading-Bookmark

If you stock up a lot of postcards, you might as well try to transform them into bookmarks. In fact, idle picture books, calendars, and magazines can all be used to transform them. In fact, you can use it as a bookmark without modification~

2. Travel-take photos, check in, postmark

Are th The feeling of checking in tourist attractions with postcards and collecting various postmarks is simply too satisfying!

Speaking of postcards, do you have any stories that come to mind?

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