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10 items you can decorate with Washi Tape

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Try washi tape if you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your house and office space with design and vibrancy.

You may have heard of washi tape at some point or seen several thousands of projects on Facebook. But those of you who are less familiar don't want to know what washi tape is. They want to know how to incorporate washi tape to beautify their living spaces. We are fortunate to be here to answer your questions about how washi tape can decorate your life.

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Washi tape is a beautiful, thin and durable decorative paper tape. It is generally made from natural fibers such as hemp and bamboo, is inexpensive, and is now available in many colors and patterns to meet the needs of a wide variety of people. Washi tape is very sticky and can be easily applied to many surfaces, such as wood, plastic, and metal. Still, its unique properties make it easy to remove without damaging the object to which it is applied.

Here are some known washi tape craft ideas to browse through to get the creative juices flowing in your mind.

Art Wall

Use washi tape to create unique walls. If you live in a rented apartment and have been warned that you cannot paint or drill holes in the walls and cannot exercise the art of decorating your own life, try using washi tape to decorate. Use plain washi tape to create a simple and beautiful design, or try different washi tape patterns to create a beautiful mural pattern. Because washi tape is not permanent and can be torn off at any time, you can experiment with various designs until you find your favorite washi tape l decorating style.

Poster frames

To use washi tape as a frame for hanging posters, attach a picture or poster to the wall, and then use washi tape to attach a visually appealing border around the poster. Then cut solid-colored washi tape into design-filled shapes and patterns, and because washi tape is easy to remove, you can use it without leaving marks on the wall.

Photo frames

If you're tired of the same old solid picture frames, washi tape is a great way to create a personalized picture frame. Using washi tape to match your home or office furniture helps you create your custom décor. You can also create fun, designer frames to give as gifts to friends and loved ones.


Use washi tape to decorate your laptop with a design. The pattern of washi tape can decorate the appearance of your keyboard or notebook.

Washi Tape Bookmarks

Please choose your favorite washi tape colors and patterns and attach them to the surface of a small card to make a beautiful washi tape bookmark.

Nail art

Many people don't think that washi tape can be used for nail art, but using washi tape makes for a simple and striking manicure. The method is simple: trace the shape of the nail on the washi tape pattern, then cut out the corresponding shape with scissors and apply liquid nail polish. If you want to make washi tape nails last longer, you can apply primer and top coat on the tape and use different tapes to make different effects of washi tape.

Colored washi tape pencils

Washi tape can turn ordinary office supplies into design-inspired gifts. Choose your favorite colors and patterns, then attach washi tape to your pencils. To customize your pencils, finish with colorful feathers!


You can use washi tape to create washi tape borders or use colorful ribbon tape to make wedding invitation envelopes more elegant. Decorate your envelopes and letters with washi tape!


DIY bunting can add a festive touch to party decorations or gifts. Choose your favorite washi tape for the bunting and glue the washi tape to the colored twine. For themed or holiday bunting, consider seasonal-themed washi tape. The options are very diverse.


Cut out different washi shapes to create your stickers that can be applied to anything from paper stationery to kitchen mugs.

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